"Personally, I feel more attracted to the dark sides of the force. Probably because they are inside of me"

Richard Z. Kruspe / Guitar, VIII 2005; Ein Mann. Ein Brett. Ein Phänomen.

(credit to Donaukinder fanpage on Facebook)


Let me try to speak about my favorite Emigrate song.

This song is clearly about Richard going to the US, with the heart full of hope and wishes for a better land, to release himself and discover about his own destiny and capacity. 

This change come with a price. Saying goodbye to everything in his “old life” and realising what is important enough to be carried to this “new life”, somehow makes he feel artificial for leaving important things (like family ties) behind.

In the final verses we can feel he’s justifying to someone, not apologizing, just saying that he needed to do that and inviting this person to do the same, to walk through fear. Despite of the sadness implied, I believe this is a song of optimism. The sadness might be because he had to do that alone, since you can’t completely start over if you have someone known around you, leading you to act according to some old standards.

I have to tell, this is my favorite song and I will tattoo this fucking phrase someday because that’s what life is about, if you’re not happy in some place, be strong and walk through your fears to discover your capacity and be open to opportunities :-)

Ok guys, here’s the thing. I’m so glad that I never deleted this blog and that I still have all you people who appreciate this awesome person. I had a huge break in my Rammstein and Richard fangirling and I don’t really think I’m gonna go back into that. But I still admire those little shits and specially Richard will have my admiration for ever. I don’t know if I’ll post much photos because, well I don’t know where to find new ones xD also because I don’t want this to become an obsession again, hopefully! 

I will try to post stuff about Emigrate songs. I’d like to know how to edit images and make cool stuff, maybe I’ll give a try. I just really want to thank you all and wait with you for the new Emigrate album, maybe for this summer huh!! :D 

That is close *-*

Hallo people :3 I saw this on deviantART , of course :D

( idk if it’s been around his hashtag, I don’t like to post the same things that already are around so after 2 weeks or more I went to check out the RZK hashtag and FOR FUCK’S SAKE WHAT THE FUCK TUMBLR (YAHOO) HAS FUCKING DONE WITH THE FUCKING INTERFACE?????!!!!!!!!!????? )

Anyway here’s the source, just wanted to share on tumblr too because of perfection :D


Thank you for the support guys, ya’ll precious human beings <3

And this :3

This blog is for Rich but, I miss all those lil shits on tour!!!!!!!!

Shy smiles :3